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what i usually do is split my team into 3 grouples of 2...2 people go left-2 people go right-and me and the other person go middle...

i also usually have my whole team go one way and split into groups at a certain point...i lay right out of the staging area behind a tree...i look for them move around the tree and wait until thier about 15 feet away and i blast em'

i played the other day...i told my team to go left because right off the start i saw a group of the best 2 and they left the newbs in the middle of the field...i layed down in some brush with my camo on in a shadow...i knew excatly where they were i waited 5 minutes before they came back into view excatly where i thought they were going...they didn't even see me they were 5 feet away i jumped up and shot em' both went around the other side of the field and well my team was yelling kyle kyle get the F over here now...i was 30 yards way from the other team on the side of them...i was behind the biggest tree on the field just laying there watching them and my team lost 3 of the 4 guys
the last guy had a talon ghost pump and i had my friends tippmann cause i sold my gun-i waited until they started to rush his bunker then they were running at him shooting at him and then i was running behind them and got em all out except for 1 because the kid got one of them(a kid we were playing with recorded it all on his tape recorder but he was just visiting from texas so i don't have the tape...(it was damn funny though)
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