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good job tom u got your stiky
sex is like air its only important when your not getting any
Fight for peace is like *****ing for virginaty

Marker Setup

>Blue E-99
>AKA Spyder Lightning Bolt
>Check It Products 15 Assault Block
>32 Degrees Valve And Valve Pin
>Java Low Rise
>WORR Black Magic Regulator
>Dead On Paintball drop forward with On/Off
>Freak Kit Aluminum Back with 10 inch, black front
>Black Macroline
>ACI Bulldog 3 68 cu/ 4500 psi Air System
>ACP Black Slasher
>50 Gram Trigger Switch
>T-board with eye (break beam)
>Viewloader eVLution II Y-Board

Much More To Come
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