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Expansion Chamber

A selection of expansion chambers.

Used for expanding liquid CO2 in to a gas. Although an old concept, very useful for those using a vapour CO2 tank.

The ACI six-stage expansion chamber with it's internal core shown next to it - good quality expansion chamber.

Drop Forwards/Cradles

There are a wide variety of drop forwards and cradles available - a selection are shown here.
Puts your tank underneath the the gun for a more balanced marker. And looks pretty good too. Not as popular as they used to be, and are now generally only used with the longest air systems.

Drop forward

Dye cradle to hold the Air America Raptor air system

Fore Grip

A small selection of gas-thru fore grips.

A hollow tube running up to for verticle adapter, just works as a grip and can get very cold using co2.

This gas thru-grip is made by Adrenalin Products.

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