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Bottom lines and ASA's

A selection of ASA's can be seen here.

Used for putting the tank underneath the grip, using 2 screws. Pioneered by Lapco, and originally used with pump action markers with back bottle ASA's (commonly referred to as a "donkey") to lower the bottle. A hose would then connect the bottomline to the donkey. The modern equivalent of the bottomline is referred to as an ASA (Air System Adapter), a slightly confusing name, as both bottomlines and donkeys can be described by their function as Air System Adapters! Modern ASA's are often equipped with an on/off valve. Works with CO2 bottles and preset air systems.

Bottomline by Lapco.

Modern ASA with on/off - this one is a Check-It Uni Mount.

Cockerkid's post on macroline and how to properly install it.
Plastic tube used for connecting air system to marker as an alternative to steel braided hose. Microline is a small bore hose, macroline has a wide bore. Macroline has more or less replaced microline, as it has a higher flow rate.


Fill Stations

Used to fill CO2/HPA tanks. For CO2 you need a siphon tube installed in the bulk tank to get your bottle filled properly. CO2 tanks are filled by weight, so you need a set of scales to make sure that the right amount of CO2 has been put in the tank. In the case of HPA, your air system will have a maximum fill pressure, and your tank is full when the gauge on the fill rig reaches this pressure. NEVER OVER FILL.

Dual valve CO2 fill station

4500psi rated air fill station to fit a DIN style SCUBA tank.

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