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Stainless Steel Hoses

An alternative to macroline or microline use for connecting your air system to your marker.

A selection of steel braided hose, including a remote line.

Hose adapters and elbows

Items that can necessary for connecting up your air system from your ASA to your marker.

A - Slinky Coiled Hose
B - Hose to Bottle
C - 1/8 Quick Release
D - 90 Degree Elbow
E - 90 Degree Swivel Elbow Push Fit
F - Straight Push Fit
G - Male to Male Adapter
H - Proflow In-Line Filter
I - ASA Adaptor
J - In Line Dump Valve
K - In Line On/Off Tap
L - Microline Kit


A selection of the gauges that are available.

The gauge is used to measure the pressure in the marker or in an air system. They come in a number of sizes and styles, and a number of different pressure ranges from 0-100psi to 0-6000psi, depending on what they are being used for.

Large, Ashcroft style gauge.

KAPP branded microgauge.
A smaller version of the Ashcroft style gauge is available, amd is normally known as a minigauge.

Anti-Siphon tube

A tube installed inside a CO2 tank, connected to the back of the valve. The tube is bent upwards, away from the liquid CO2, so that no liquid CO2 enters the marker.

Siphon tube

A flexible tube with a weight on the end, attached to the back of the bottle valve, and designed to remain in the liquid CO2 at all times. This causes the marker to draw and run on liquid CO2. This was used with pump action markers and early semi-automatics to avoid velocity spikes that occurred when markers set to run on CO2 vapour occasionally drew liquid CO2 instead. By getting them to run on liquid all the time, the spikes were avoided and the markers became more consistent. Modern semi-automatics are less tolerant of liquid CO2, and an anti-syphon tube is a better set-up for these.

An unbent anti-syphon tube (brass), and a syphon tube (red) alongside a number of bottle valves.

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