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Barrel Problems!

Watch out, If you have a hornet i do not suggest jsut going out and buying a barrel. I recently bought a J&J Ceramic 14" for my hornet and it turns out that the barrel gets in the way of the under cocking arms.

To clarify, the undercocking arms of the hornet travel in grooves in the marker at the bottom. The arms in these grooves travel forward into the barrel area. On the stock barrel there is a small indention near the threads that allow the undercocking arms to slide forward into the barrel. Unfortuneatly, the J&J ceramis does not have this indention so the cocking arms just rub up agains the barrel and tend to stick a bit.

So if you have a hornet, watch out for this if you want a new barrel, be prepared to have to mill it.

And if anyone has a quck fix to this please tell me!
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