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Post Air Leak FAQs

Alright, since I've recently seen an abundance of questions about air leaking, I decided to create this thread. Here are a few FAQs:

Common Sources of Air Leaks:

1) You've over tightened something, thereby stripping the threads that are holding it in. When you go to tighten something, only tighten it to the point where it is snug. Improve the seal with teflon tape (you can buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, or just about any plumbing place), which is something every PB player should have one of, if not two.

2) An o-ring was shredded, frozen then warmed (it would snap if that were the case), jammed, etc. etc. In any case, an o-ring was made to no longer function as it was meant.

3) You've oiled the threads on an air fitting. This is a big no-no. In doing that, your helping the gas push the pieces apart, which as you've probably guessed, is not a desirable effect.

On to the actual FAQ:

I'm losing air down my barrel! How do I fix it?
Before you do any work, fire your marker one or two times...then if the leak persists, go through the 3 parts step by step.

Part 1

1) Disconnect your air source (I won't say that again, this is your only warning to never, never, work with a pressurized marker).

2) Remove your bolt. Remove the o-rings from your bolt, and replace them with fresh ones. Do NOT use industrial o-rings for this. Use o-rings designed for paintball!

3) Reassemble your marker, connect your tank, and have fun. If the leak persists, procede to part 2

Part 2

1) Remove the cup seal on your marker. It is located in front of your valve, and looks like a white horse bead.

2) Clean the cup seal until it is a off white. That will let you know that it is clean

3) Inspect the cup seal for any deep scratches or other such imperfections. If any imperfections are readily visible, purchase another cup seal for your marker, and replace the old one, making sure the new one is on tightly. If no imperfections are visible, then replace the cup seal to it's original position, making sure it is screwed on tight.

4) Connect your air source and listen for leaks. If the leaks persist, procede to part 3.

Part 3

1) Open up your marker's lower body (or in the case of an inline, it's entire body) and remove the valve with a nylon rod! A metal rod can scratch the marker's body. Inspect the valve o-rings, and the body of the valve and area where the valve rests.

2) Even if any imperfections in the o-rings are not visible, replace them anyway. A snapped valve o-ring can decimate a markers internals.

3) If any imperfections are visible on the valve itself (dents and dings, if there are any scratches, you will need to procede to step 4), buy a new valve, and replace the old one.

4) ONLY IF THE VALVE SHOWS SCRATCHES, take a very fine piece of sandpaper, and search the lower body of the marker for any burrs. If there are any burrs, remove them with the sandpaper VERY CAREFULLY!

5) Replace the markers internals, and your problem should be solved. If the leak still persists, you can do no more. Contact an airsmith, or return the marker to the manufacturer for repairs.

My marker is leaking from the LP chamber/plug! What do I do?

1) remove the LP chamber/plug, and the o-ring for the chamber.

2) Replace the o-ring.

3) Play paintball. If your problem persists, buy a roll of teflon tape (if you don't already have one, you should), and wrap the LP chamber/plugs threads 1-2 times. If that still doesn't fix the problem, the problem isn't the LP chamber/plug; it's the vertical adapter.

My marker is leaking from the ASA! What's wrong?
(this procedure can be used for the ASA, regulators, and X-chambers)

1) The procedure for fixing this problem is the same for all ASA's, unless it is molded into the marker's body. You are going to get a bottle of liquid soap (it doesn't matter what brand/type it is), and give a coating of it around the ASA and it's connection points (if you have macro line, extend the coating onto the macro line and vertical adapter). If the marker has a rapid leak upon the initial connection, and doesn't slow/stop, replace your tank o-ring.

2) Connect your air source with the soap on the marker. If the soap suds in any places, check those connections.

3) For good measure, wind teflon tape around all connection threads 1-2 times. If the leak is on your macro line (only if you have macro line), buy another piece, and cut it to fit.

4) Go play.

My marker is leaking through the rear plugs! HELP!

This shouldn't be happening. If it is, you're marker either blew many of it's o-rings in quick succesion, or it is defective (hint...If it blew most of it's o-rings in quick succesion, it's defective). Invoke your markers warrenty. If this happened after your markers warrenty expired, then you'll need to pay to have the work done.

Feel free to add if I missed something.
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