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ram* - for a snappy feel a smooth ram may be what you're looking for. rams that aren't honed well can make your cocker feel sluggish. it can also allow for lower cocking pressure. electrococker owners will want a ram that can keep up with their frame.
- Kapp FAT Ram
- Belsales .44 Magnum Ram
these rams are faster than necessary.
regulator* - a good inline regulator is very important to the performance of your cocker. an externally adjustable, consistant, and reliable regulator is a great upgrade. some of which include the palmer stabilizer, macdev gladiator, air america vigilante, and bob long torpedo.
- Palmers Stabalizer
- Mac Dev Gladiator
- Air America Vigilante
- Bob Long Torpedo
- AKA Sidewinder
sear - for slider frames, a rolling sear will make for a much smoother pull. hinge users will not notice much of a difference with a rolling sear. shocktech and omega both make good rolling sears.
springs* - essential for an efficient low pressure setup. guide to sweetspotting for efficiency. maddman springs have worked wonders for me.
- Maddman Spring Kit
tank - hpa is highly recommended because it's cleaner. however, co2 won't kill a cocker like some say. look into the air systems forum for more info.
timing rod* - replace only if you bent your old timing rod or had your cocker cut down into a mini. dye makes them in both sizes, and omega makes a titanium timing rod (note, this comes with a titanium coupler).
trigger frame* - when it comes to the old slider vs. hinge debate, it's 100% preference. try both before making a decision. choose the one that feels better i don't know of any good sliders, but the kapp reflex and eclipse blade are very popular. again, try them before deciding. to make your pull shorter you'll need a trigger stop as well. if you've got a couple hundred bucks to blow, e-blades are gaining in popularity for their speed.
- Eclipse E-blade
- WGP Worr Blade
- Centerflag Uprising Frame
- Eclipse Blade
- Kapp Reflex
- ANS Quickfire Slider Frame
- KAPP .45 Frame
trigger plate - slider users may want to replace the trigger plate in their frame. kapp makes some that are good for cosmetically upgrading your cocker, but they've gotten bad reviews so far. omega makes a rolling trigger plate for an even smoother pull.
valve* - stock valves are said to be the most efficient valves out there, so don't touch it. low pressure isn't what you should be shooting for, it's efficiency. if you're desperate for low pressure anyway, a Rat 3:16, maddman rocket, or aka tornado will do it for you.
- Rat 3:16 Valve
- AKA Tornado Valve
valve screw - kapp makes a stainless steel valve screw that comes in a screw kit.

these parts can be found at,,,

parts with a * next to their name should be installed/timed/tuned by a professional if you are new to cockers or are just unsure that you're able to do it yourself.

though some may argue, i believe this is the best order to upgrade in:

barrel (to improve accuracy)
motorized hopper (so you don't chop and whatnot)
hpa (clean and consistent)
spring kit (increase efficiency and lower cocking pressure)
trigger frame (speed, durablility, and feel)
drop forward/cradle (preference)
inline reg (for better consistency and easy sweetspotting)
3 way (shorten pull and/or make it smoother)

the rest of the parts can pretty much be swapped out in any order. it depends on how much you want to spend.

special thanks to hybrid-sniper for plugging in the links to reviews
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