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140 rd pod

do you connect the 2 9v's in series or parallel?

Has anyone considered the possibility of running the power from a large pack of 10 subc - size cells (see R/C cars or R/C airplanes) put in a 140 rd pod?
You could get fancy and get cheap 3000 mAH NiMH's (you will put virtually no drain on them, most likely) and you could have plenty of room to mount a switch, and have any other electric stuff you wanted in there too.
Run a wire with connectors (Power Poles recomended, see from the top of the pod to the mask (16 or 18ga should be enough for 2 case fans) where you can connect it to the mask by another pair of connectors.

May I reccomend Mouser Electronics at . They seem to have the best selection of electronic components around. If you need it, they have it. Except Connectors.

PS: Power Poles do have no latch to keep the connector connected, but this is a good thing. We dont want the connectors ripping the wires off the batteries.
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