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Threads that will no longer be tolerated

As you may have been noticing lately we have been getting many Product A vs. Product B threads. These types of threads will no longer tolerated. It seems you may have been able to get away with these threads before, but as your new moderator, this will be no more.

These type of threads will no longer be tolerated;

Barrel A vs. Barrel B
Paint A vs. Paint B
Is *fill in blank* good?
Barrel Length
Bore sizes

Now, I will make an exception if it is something rare. Such as if you asked if a very rare barrel was good and there were not any threads on it. You see, what we are basically trying to do here is filter out questions that have been constantly asked. This gets annoying for users to constantly see, and have to answer.

Now, in my opinion, itís not fair to just ďslap your handsĒ and close the thread. You should have a reason of why Iím closing these threads, right?

1. Stickies
Stickies are threads that have been found to have very useful information that is helpful and should be able to be viewed at a regular basis. The stickies should help in answering most of your questions

Always check the Stickies before you post a thread

2. Search
The search feature is a very helpful tool that you should use before making a thread. Just search for a word and it will show you all threads with that word in it. Often times you will find you answer there! The search feature can be found at the bottom left of the forum page. A more advanced search feature can be found at the top of the forum right beneath the advertisement banner.

Always do a search before posting a thread

3. Contact Me, Jaster, other moderators, or another helpful member.
If you have a question first check the stickies and search. Now, if this still hasnít answered your answer, but you feel like it may not be necessary to make a thread, there is yet another option. Feel free to PM me, other moderators, or another helpful member. I and other users would much rather you ask a simple question through PM than having you make a whole thread.

Remember guys, this is YOUR forums! Keep them clean! If you have any questions (or suggestions) please do not hesitate on asking them.
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