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What are some common problems and how do I fix them?

Ball detent out of adjustment - If the ball detent does not reach far enough into the breech, the Rainmaker will double feed resulting in balls breaking in the barrel and or wildly erratic velocity changes. With the gas turned off, and no hopper in place, drop a single ball into the breech, and tilt the Rainmaker forward at a 45 degree angle. If it the ball rolls forward past the detent, adjustment is needed. Remove the screw that locks the detent in to the side of the receiver. Remove the detent, and bend it slightly so that it protrudes a little further into the breech. Reinstall and retest.
Ram mis-alignment - If the pneumatic ram is askew, friction with the lower bolt and receiver wall will keep the Rainmaker from closing the bolt and firing, and or from returning the the bolt to the rear position. Remove the shroud, and loosen the two screws that lock the ram into the receiver. Wiggle the ram, and make sure it is seated flush against the receiver, retighten the screws and reinstall the shroud.
High velocity - Sometimes in warm weather (90F+) when using CO2 the Rainmaker may have trouble adjusting to less than 300 feet per second velocity. Switching to compressed air (which includes a secondary regulator), adding a secondary regulator (Unireg, Stabilizer, etc.), or replacing the stock regulator with an adapter (Icebox) and aftermarket regulator (Unireg, Stabilizer, etc.) can provide better pressure control to achieve the necessary velocity setting.

What is the future of the Rainmaker?
In 2000, Brass Eagle dropped production of the Rainmaker. Several dealers, including Drop Zone, still actively support the Rainmaker, and spare parts are available, making used Rainmakers still a cost effective option for players to get into an electropneumatic paintgun.

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