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Flex too Humid? Fan it Yourself!

Well I'm very unhappy with the lack of posting around fans in this the "mask forum" So I built my own! Things have been alittle slow at work so I brought in my flex ize, changed the lens and set out to put some kindda fan system into the bad boy, Now I'm not about to claim to be a master electrician and I can't go into a alot of theroy so if you need help with the common sense stuff don't try and do this yourself!(don't cut, or solder anything until you've got it all layed out as to where it's goin go, and stay) . First I went to the electrical shop (you guys will have to go to Radio Shack) and got two 1.18 " NMB 12volt dc fans, a very small toggle switch, three 9 volt battery's and three 9 volt battery connectors, and 4 small bolts, nuts, and 8 washers (these have gotta fit the pre-drilled holes in the corners of the little fans) and a couple feet of 18 gauge wire. With your visor removed, you can (plug in your soldering irons so it's good and hot, cause you'll need it by the time your done drillin) drill out the pre-stamped hole guide of the (over your left eye) flex mask. now place the two small fans (face label down) in between were the visiors center stem plugs back into the mask (they should butt up to the back plate that your forehead touches and form a small V shape) with any luck the holes will line up with the vent holes already in the top part of the mask for you to hold the fans in place with the nuts, bolts and washers. Ok touch the soldering iron if this happens after you do it's ready! Cut any excess wire and connect the two fans together in series (the red off off fan # 1, to the black off of fan # 2) this will change the voltage to 24v, you should solder these connections and wrap'em with some tape too. Solder the black wire (coming off fan # 1) to one of the toggle switch terminals, solder another small piece of wire(about 8") on the other terminal of the toggle switch, put the visor back in place and tuck and hide the wires where ever you want'em. So know you should have one red wire (coming off from the fan # 2) and the 8 inch piece coming from the toggle switch, , so that the negative terminal is on the left and the positive is on the right of battery # 1, place the other two batteries in this same alignment and tape the three 9 volt batteries together side to side, take one of the 9 volt battery connector and hook it to the positive terminal of battery # 1 and the negative of battery # 2, take another of the 9 volt battery connector and hook it to the positive terminal of battery # 2 and the negative of battery # 3. The three batteries are now also in series with a output value of approx 27v, Now here's where I got creative! Carefully cut the third 9 volt battery connector in half and solder the negative clip to the 8 inch piece of wire coming from the toggle switch. Solder the red wire coming off fan # 2 to the positive clip, Now find a old eye glasses (pocket protector style) case, and cut it down (don't cut off the part that clips onto your belt or pocket) slip it in on the left side right between the strap on the goggles and the mask itself, use the belt clip on the case and slip that over the top of the mask (the goggle strap will hold it tight to the mask while the clip will keep it from slippin right thru), Hook up the battery clips to the battery and slip the battery into the glasses case! Put the mask on and run around the block 4 or 5 times until you're really sweating and huffin' Now flip the switch! Try it! I think you'll like it!
Morde Sordom
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