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Re: Re: Why?

Originally posted by JTramoDude

cause with a rt on a tippmann you can just hold down the trigger (right?)

and on a mag it just makes the trigger more responsive, snappier, better... its still 1 shot per trigger pull... not as much as the tippmann
IT's a bit more involved than that.

Runaway mode. The tippman is ALWAYS in runaway. This is when you can hold constant pressure on the trigger and it continues to fire in "full-auto," so to speak. RT mags, however, are not in runaway when operating under 800 psi. The reactive trigger is still there, and it still increases your rate of fire, but it doesn't runaway.

Also, with the tippman, at very high rates of fire, the bolt ceases to lock onto the sear and instead just moves constantly. Witht the mag, even as fast as 30+ bps, the bolt stops and locks onto the sear after each cycle.
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