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Originally posted by redwing404

the impulse is also about 200 dollars more, the bko is only 255. If you spend the money you saved on upgrades for your bko it will be better than the impulse.

good job *applause*

If you impulse owners would kindly remove your heads from your rear ends, im not saying your bad ppl, just confused... you would realize that with the 200 dollars you save you can

Vapor Valve-30
Chaos Chip-40
teardrop barrel-50
bl regulator-50 (on sale)
mity max-30

And then your BKO would have 2x better gas consistancy/efficiency and a better barrel than a stock impulse impulse, plus full auto capability with chip. And all this you can upgrade at your leisure

And if you need to shoot more than 18bps full auto than you are a uber-noob

And I call it "Ghost"
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