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My piranha looks like this.

Dude sweet, I thought my boo-yaah was on that pic, but it isn't. I'll take another one and post it. I was hoping I had a pic without the boo-yaah. I can show off my new jt pack also. I thought that pic was a hell of a lot more updated than that.

In the pic above you see a pmi x-ray non thermal goggle system, a reds comfort 3-pack a 12" boomstick(attached to marker) a smart parts progressive 12"(belongs to the wife, but I use it quite often actually) and the stock barrel(an 11" perfect pursuit if that's how you spell that) an eVLution loader, a pure energy nitro tank 48/3, a perfect drop, macro, and the thread saver to my tank if you look close(between the trigger guard and the gas through foregrip.

Latest additions include: Boo-yaah frame, jt slammer 4 pack(horizontal) a sticker of chyna on the tank, a boo-yaah sticker on the hopper and I've been thinking about getting a reg any suggestions? I have also been thinking about replacing the ram air, does anyone know what I could replace it with? Suggestions are helpful and very appreciated, thanx.
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