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Originally posted by CoolT
I have not fired one yet but I hear that the trigger frame sucks and the gun is definately not up to par with a Timmy or Viking, don't even try to argue otherwise.

try firing one before making an assanine comment like this.

03 shocker (just got mine last week) is one of the best out of the box sub 1200 guns I've ever handled. There is a little slop in the trigger, but the ROF on it is amazing. It has a very very low profile and is extremely light. Also, nice and short similar to an autococker. Whereas My thing against the timmies is how uncomfortably long they are. trixies are also very nice but have a little too high of a profile for me.

but, that just tells you its all personal preference...

I would drop the speed from your list... try it first, but afterwards you will see why. (is an improvement from the older angels, but they still have a ways to go) another round of major accuracy upgrades, and the angels will be up with the rest...
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