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Massachusetts Fields

This is for the Field report project outlined in Killer Kats 'A call for help' Thread. His idea is to get reviews of all the different fields from people who played there.

Business Name: UMass paintball club

Location: Ahmerst
Telephone Number:


Registration Fee: 5 dollar field fee if you purchase paint from us
10 dollars if you BYOP

Rental Equiptment Fee:rental packages 30 dollars (all day air,gear,500rounds)

Fill Stations:co2 fills 2 bucks any sized tank including 68oz
HPA limited to 3000, 1 buck per 1000psi

Fields Paint Available/Fee:paint (was Diablo last time I was there)
65 per case
35 per half case
20 per 500 bag

Styles of Play Available:Speedball and woods.

Comments/Conculsions:A good place to go if you want some stiff competition. When I was up there pretty much all the players were very skilled and used nice, high end markers.

Safety rules were strictly enforced, and all guns had to be checked at the chrony.

The speedball field was fun, with plywood bunkers and large plastic drums to use for cover. Quick intense games are the norm.

The woods part of it, was the only drawback. The field is quite narrow, making it very hard to get around the other team. Also a stream runs through the woods area meaning that if you are playing hard, you'll get your feet wet. I still had a great time playing woods there.

Maybe dan can fill in the blanks on the contact info. I just have some email addys and am not sure it would be good to post them.
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