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Operation: Frozen Arse II

Saturday - February 28, 2004

The year is 2004 and the threat of a nuclear detonation is worse than ever. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it's arsenal of nuclear weapons have been controlled by several small republics. Now, an extremist group has seized a warhead. Their plan is to launch it from Siberia and detonate it so the prevailing winds carry the fall out across the Americas. In response, the U.N. has launched Operation: Frozen Arse and detached a specialized multi-national task force to locate and disarm the warhead. Their orders are to stop them at all cost.

Prepaid Entry is $20.00 and Get Your Paint for $60.00/Case at the Event



Draxxus (Diablo) will be used during this event!


Medic, Demolition Expert, and Sniper characters will be utilized.

The game will consist of two 3 hour segments. The teams will reverse roles at the end of the first segment so both teams will have an opportunity to attack and defend with the points to be cumulative. Points will be earned by flag turns, completed missions, and commander eliminations. The game will start with the Red Team as the Extremist and occupy the field from The Compound to the red line on the game map.

Tank crews will have to sign up as either U.N. or Extremist to ensure the two sides have the same firepower during both segments. All PAV's must be inspected and crews briefed before the game. Please contact management for an appointment.

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