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Attention! New Rules!

I'm adding a couple new rules so I decided to combine this thread with my other rule thread.

Versus Threads:
I have finally decided that I am no longer going to be tolerating threads comparing two or more guns. Any "a vs. b" threads are going to be deleted from now on, without any notification. The only exceptions to this rule would be either the ProCarbine or SL-68 II compared with each other or the A-5 or m98/98c.

This has gone effective as of September 21st, 2003.

Barrel Threads:
Any thread that has to do with barrels, other than the Flatline, will be deleted without notification. This includes "A vs. B" threads, "Which barrel should I get" threads, and any other thread you can think of.

Gone effective: November 28th, 2003.

A-5 vs. m98/98c:

These threads will not be tolerated any longer as well. They will be deleted, without notification. These threads generate into a flame war everytime so I'm not letting them get there now. There are already hundreds of them so just a simple search will provide you with all the answers needed. If doing this doesn't provide your answer, PM me and we'll talk.

Gone effective: November 28th, 2003.
When I think of new rules I will put them in this thread.
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