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You're one of those deep pocketed types? Well, here's where you'll find information about the aristocracy of the paintball barrels. The big ones in this group are the Dye Boomstick, Dye Ultralite Boomstick, Custom Products 2 Piece, and the Smart Parts All American. There's other barrels in this category, but they aren't terribly popular, so info on them is scarce, as is personal experience. These barrels include the Stiffi, and the Titanium Paintball Longbow. Once again, most of these barrels will perform pretty similiarly, except here there's some exceptions. The Dye Boomstick/UL Boomstick both shoot extraordinarily well, while the All American is a disappointment for the price range.

--The Boomstick/UL Boomstick are both basically the same barrel. The only difference is the back of this two piece barrel. On the Ultralite it's aluminum, on the Boomstick it's steel. Up until about the date of this writing (11/28/03), the barrels were only available in black/black (UL) or nickle/black (Boomstick). However, just recently, colored versions have hit the market. Different bored backs and different length fronts are available, should you decide it's time to change.

--The Stiffi has continued to increase in popularity. The main reason because of it's weight (a mere 51g) It's a carbon fiber barrel and it shoots very well, comparable to the Dye barrels of the same price range. It's availible in grey and a couple other colors too. Battle swabs and other fluffy squeegees cannot be used with the stiffi. A great choice if you have the money.

--The CP 2 Piece shares the same strengths as its little brother, the CP 1 Piece. An excellent barrel, backs and fronts for it are cheap, so should you choose to, you can change your configuration without breaking the bank.

--The JT 2 Piece is just a more expensive and different looking CP 2 Piece. Both will perform the same.

--The All American is the disappointment here. It's more or less a SP Progressive that they cut in half and threaded. Nothing was changed for greater accuracy or anything. You can buy different length fronts and different colored backs, but all the backs are the same size. This way, if you want to change your bore size, you need to buy an ungodly expensive Freak back. Everything comes in different colors.

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