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To add to the powerlyte scepter just an additional thing.

The powerlyte scepter is made to have seemless locking. This means that unlike the freak, when the two peices are put together, there is no seem in the middle like the freak has. So if one looks down the barrel all they see is shin, no crease. This leads to overall better performance. The backs are also color coded instead of just having them stamped on like the freak or evil.

*edit* oh yeh about the colors ahha i was looking at a picture when I wrote this too that's the saddest thing....
I think also the Powerlyte only comes with 5 total different backs?

Flatline: The reason it's inaccurate is because the barrel has to be held exactly level to take advantage of the actual flatline effect. A little crooked and people will blame the barrel, it's not true. The balls follow the spin. It can be seen when shooting straight up with the flatline. Unlike a normal barrel which under no wind conditions shooting straight up the ball will come down on you. With the flatline, shoot straight up, the ball will actually curve straight behind you instead.
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