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After tiresome work by Chibs and I, the Ultimate Sticky is now up.

Ok, yes, thank you, mhm, I love you too, you can stop cheering now.


It is here for a reason. Please use it. Before you post a question, check to see if it is the Ultimate Sticky first. Chances are that it will be.

Also, remember we have a Search Feature as well, if you don't find your answer here, try that.

If you fail to use those two things before you post a new thread and the answer is obviously right in here, your thread will get closed.

Now, if there are any other threads you think should be in this Ultimate Sticky be sure to let me know! Throw me a PM and if I see that it is worthwhile to put in, in it will go.

Last, thanks to Chibs for all his hard work.

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