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The thing that works well for me in the woods, becuase i am an extremely aggressive player is to run laterally to one end of the feild as fast as i can right when the game starts, then if no is there yet to shoot at me i continue to push my way around playing the line until i can locate most of the players, if possible i surprise them with a burst of 50 balls and either hit them or scare them into running into my team which one or two of the guys where moving up the oppisite end while the rest stay in the middle and shoot and draw fire, this works the best on feilds that are square but it works good on any feild, you will really be surprised, the guys that go to each end must be the 'better guys' on the team, experiance, stealthyness and speed (both of gun and player) should be acounted for, like anything it works best when the two 'runners' aviod being seen but that can be tricky so have the guys that hold the middle up run up a little and draw fire or at least keep their guys accupied, speed to this is key as soon as the game starts RUN like heck to the end this will make oppents (if they do see you) wunder but if your middle guys are any good they will stay occupied, and for the guy who goes to the back: put out mega paint, dry fire, make believe some one else is with you, continually look off your side and make hand gestures and motions and make it seem like there is more than 1 guy there, so even if you don't hit anyone you will scare them to front (right into the ambush). this works well for me and my woods team and if you have any questions
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