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haha u weaklings!!! you think that is good try this!!!!!!

(dont do both it once i dont think it will work!)

alright this will get long and read the whole thing before performing!!!
(this cannot mess up your gun and if it does you did somth9ing EXTREMELY WRONG)
ok first you get a rubber band like that on braces and some tape (lots of it your going to be experimenting with the amounts)
anyways you put about 3 rolls of tape (cut the tape in thirds first so it wont get caught on the receiver halves) around EVERY PIN except the front trigger pin and the sear retainer pin(the one that holds the sear in place) ok now you put about 5 more rolls on the back trigger pin and put about 9 on the pin above where the trigger catches the sear and about 10 below it. (dont put in the rubber band yet) now put the halves back together. see if it cocks, if not take one roll of the pin below the sear plate. now take it apart again. replace the sear spring with the rubber band but before you do that, put literally 20 rolls around where the rubber band holds onto the pin (unless you have an rt which limits it to about 12) now put everything back together and see if it cocks.
if it doesnít find out whatís wrong. ok hereís the OPTIONAL part
cut one coil off your trigger return spring (on the custom)

ok on the regular you can do this but not to such an effect
when you cock the gun the trigger should be pushed forwards (thatís the trick of this mod) good luck not wasting paint oh yeah if you can hold the trigger in "the sweet spot" then you can go full auto!!!

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