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Rebel LE bolt

I've had my Rebel LE for a few months and have dealt with many issues regarding parts and operation. When I first started using the gun without a Revy, I chopped so many paintballs that I decided upon purchasing a Shocktech Spyder Quickstrip Bolt also. I figured that since the LE is rear cocking and accepts Spyder barrels, that it would also accept the bolt -- WRONG. I live near, so I went there with my LE and tried out the Shocktech -- it didn't fit lengthwise and the pin to the striker was too big. Once I got my Spyder Compact, I confirmed the fact that Spyder bolts do not fit the Rebel LE. The overall length, bolt/striker pin location, and gas inlet hole are all different on the two different bolts. I think the only solution is to buy a factory replacement. Good luck
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