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Non-Data (Continuation)

Now, as it was getting late (and dark), I had two tourney players who use modified Angels as their normal guns test out the bolts in a "BLIND" taste (accuracy) test. In other words, I did not tell them what bolts I put in the gun, in no particular order, and handed it over to them to test out at the shooting range. They shot at targets in different ranges. We used the Check-It 14" Dragon 2 piece barrel, as it was tried and agreed upon (using the stock bolt) that it was a much better barrel than the stock Infinity. This was not done on a bench, nor was I able to measure groupings. But it was used in sort of a real world "seat of the pants" target shooting - so might apply better than just a sterile setup. The order was kinda surprising of choice - from best to worse:

DeZign Open Face
DeZign Venturi
GT Cyclone (was commented that it really was not to bad at all!)
Bonebrake (was commented that it seemed to curve the ball DOWN!!)
Stock Bolt
Shocktech (surprising it was LAST!)

Now, some comments on the bolts in relation to fit & finish, as well as wear after use:

Both DeZign and Bonebrake bolts are made of ERTAlyte. Both DeZign bolts showed NO wear at all! Not even where it went up against the ball detent. But Dez has machined in a nice sloped edge on his bolt that he said was to help the passing over the detent as smooth as possible, and I think it worked. The Bonebrake showed just a few tiny marks on its side. The Cobra showed a few scratches as well, but not bad. The GT, Shocktech, and stock bolt showed a bit more wear scratches, but still acceptable. But the Lightning seems to have had its face end pretty scrubbed - might not be too good there, though it does pass the slide tapping in the bore test with no friction to be felt.

As for the feed holes, Cobra has the closest to a circle and smallest sized, GT a bit larger, Shocktech still a circle but larger yet. Lightning comes next with a slight oblong (cause of its famous "ramp" to curve the air), with the Bonebrake elongated a bit more, and the DeZign bolts the longest oblong hole.

As for the face holes, Cobra is the smallest, then GT Cyclone a bit more (but reason is what is inside, more later). The Lightning opens it up quite a bit but with a indent for the ball to lay against, as does the next larger DeZign Open Face. But the Bonebrake has the largest opening. The Shocktech has 3 Venturi holes, and the DeZign Venturi has 10 small outer ring holes and a bit larger middle hole.

The interior of some of these bolts are quite interesting. The Lightning has the cut ramp in it, which many know is its best LP feature in the AutoCocker bolt design. The Shocktech has a metal insert that has a bit of a ramp, but as its recessed towards the back a bit, doubt it does anything. The GT Cyclone is a weird one. It has a large piece of metal inside it that blocks a lot of the inlet hole, and forces the air around it, and then through the twisted venturi path that is at the end of this piece of metal. Supposedly this gives a "cyclone" effect to the air behind the ball. The 2 DeZign bolts have a ramped black plastic (might be ERTAlyte) ramp in them, similar to the Shocktech (also used to hold the ADJUSTABLE pin - yes, you CAN adjust it for the perfect hammer fit!), but much better as its placed where it can effect the air, but also angled much better to really direct the flow of air too. The Bonebrake and Cobra just have a 90 degree cut in them.

Lastly, the actual quality of the machining of the product. The outside of the Lightning seems well made (but- remember the bad amount of wear on it!), but the inside of it seems like it was very poorly cut! Lots of rough surface! The Shocktech, as usual, has a lots of flash inside it where the venturi holes were cut. This could cause some turbulence perhaps? But not quality workmanship if you ask me! The Cobra, Bonebrake, GT Cyclone, and both DeZign bolts all had excellent workmanship on them! Very well made. But the star once again seems to go to the DeZign bolts for those extra "little" touches put into them. The chamfered edges (for the detent), the adjustable pin, the machining, and even a slight "cut" between the lip and just before the feed hole. Not to slight the Bonebrake or Cobra, but the DeZign bolts just show a bit "more".

Oh, I did try the WDP "Custom" bolt for a day - and returned it the next. It was WORSE than the stock bolt! And at NPS I had the guy there try the KAPP Diamond bolt - the darn pin BROKE OFF inside his gun! If you take a look at these, there are already stress cracks where the pin is in the body. These are not Delrin or ERTAlyte bolts, but some sort of polymer.

So, in conclusion, it seems that the DeZign bolts, though not as LP as the Cobra, was more consistent with its FPS per shot, and in the "blind" taste test, was the most liked. The Open Face the top, with his Venturi a close second.

Hope this helps you folks . . . .
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