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LPR Setup

The Angel Guy

How to set up your LPR (includes Speed/A4)
How to Correctly Set your LPR Pressure
Updated on July 8th 2003 to include info for the SPEED/A4

You will need to following items:
1. Angel LPR gauge
2. LPR piston removal tool (Gold thing with a screw in the end)
3. 4mm Allen Wrench
4. Adjustable AIR system
5. Shims
6. Grease or Oil
7. Safety Glasses (yes...I use them)

a. Make sure there is no paint in your gun.
b. Remove the Air from your gun. Turn your gun on and shoot the remaining air from the gun.
c. Remove the endplug from the right side of the gun (LEFT side for the SPEED/A4). This is the opposite side the ball detent is on.
d. install the LPR gauge.
e. turn minireg velocity adjusting screw until it is flush with the body. If you are using a gas-thru you can skip this step. We are trying to make sure the air from your tank is going directly into the gun without being affected by your in-line regulator.
f. using your adjustable tank send 500 PSI directly into the minireg (350 for the SPEED/A4) and see where your pressure is at. We are trying to get to 85-90 psi on an LCD, 100 psi on an IR3 and 82 on a SPEED/A4.

If the pressure is to high or to low you will need to adjust it using the shims. These are installed by removing the LPR piston (after de-gassing the gun) and adding or removing shims behind the washer springs. Adding springs increases the LPR pressure.

If you have to add an unusual amount of shims (over 10) to get your pressure up then it is a good idea to replace your LPR. It is also a good idea to clean and regrease the piston orings since everything is already taken apart.

TIP: When checking your LPR pressure make sure that the gauge returns FAST and stops. If it creeps you might need to replace the orings in the LPR or replace the entire LPR assembly
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