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Timmy Appraisal Thread

I figured we could try this out here to see what kind of a response we get, this rarely works but its nice in the Kingman forum so hopefully this can catch on.

If you have a Timmy that you are purchasing/selling and are unsure of how much you should pay/charge post it in here! If you think you might be getting ripped off, put it in here to make sure that you aren't. If you are selling it and unsure of how much you may get for it put it in here as well.

Ok, here is the format
  • The Marker and its Condition (Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Poor)
  • Marker's Age
  • Accessories and their conditions
  • Any comments on scratches, blemishes, etc.
  • Other Miscellaneous Information
  • Pics

Try and make responses with the original quote (use the quote button) if you are appraising it, it will make it much less confusing.
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