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Originally posted by PhishPhactor
Lasoya Blue to Black Fade, 2 months old
Was 2.7, clamping neck, high flow barbs, Cp adj. Ram cap, Dye Ultralite with blue tip, Check it Uni Mount, BL mini Guage, Hybrid Crosses, everything else a Lasoya comes with.

Seen about 6 cases, works flawlessly
Probably around $1000 - $1050

Originally posted by Bones I.P.
2003 Red/Black LaSoya... purchased in June..... slight blemish in anno near eye cover....WAS 2.6, CP Adj Ram Cap, Shockteck Super Fly bolt (no grooves), Red Check It Drop Forward w/ ON/OFF ASA, clamping feedneck, stock BL Longshot barrel, CP Blade trigger (Black).... seen a few tournies, well maintained, no faults or issues
Probably around $1000 - $1050 as well
My Setup:
[2k2 Timmy Blue-Black Dust] [Crossfire 68/3000] [CP Barrel Kit] [WAS Equalizer Board] [Evlution 2] [System X Reaper Trigger] [Chrome Clamping Low Rise] [Hydra Bolt] [Titanium Ram] [ER Ram Cap] [Spiked Trigger Guard] [32 Flame Drop] [Kapp On/Off] [KAPP Ram] [WAS Wicked Switch] [WAS Equalink]

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