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Business Name: Armageddon Paintball Inc

Location: Lake City, Fl

Telephone Number: not sure

Website: NA

Registration Fee: $7

Rental Equipment Fee: $25, Cheapo gun and 300 paintballs

Fill Stations: CO2 No Compressed air

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Some no name paint in a white box for $17 per 500, you are lucky if ever 3rd shot makes it out of the barrel

Styles of Play Available: According to some of there advertisements they offer woods, speedball, and a scenario course, but what I found when I got there was a couple fields made out of tires, OSB (chip board) and hay bales. As for the woods it should not be able to be considered woods, the size of there "woods" field is about 100'x65' and the biggest tree on the field is no more than 4" in diameter. And the scenario course well if you see a scenario course let me know.

Comments/Conclusions: This place is the worse; I have seen backyard fields better then this one. They seem to have jumped into paintball for an instant profit. They have some sort of ridiculous membership dues that start at $150 and go to $450, and all you get is the field fee for a year with the $150 one and with the $450 you get the field fee for the year, 2 cases of junk paint and some Wal-Mart Special roller bag. So all in all I would say stay away from this field it is one of the biggest rip off ever.
Also one other thing now myself and the rest of my team are no longer aloud to play at this field and the only reason the owner gave us was that god told him not to allow us on his field. So players beware!!!


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