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Business Name: Global Park Paintball

Location: Abbington
Telephone Number: ?


Registration Fee: 15 dollars or FREE when you buy field paint - field paint is RPS Advtange.

Rental Equiptment Fee:rental packages 10 dollars, all day c02, tipp-mann prolite, mask, hopper, pack.

Fill Stations:all c02 and n2 fills. not sure on price.

Fields Paint Available/Fee:paint (was Diablo last time I was there)
85 / case
45 / half case
30/ 500
10/ 100

Styles of Play Available:Speedball and small woods

Comments/Conculsions:Great Place. Lots of Good Speedball.. barrels, skyball, sup air..

Safety rules were strictly enforced, and all guns had to be checked at the chrony.
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