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Re: Re: COPS- whatcha gonna do....

Originally posted by pimpdragon75

IS that the 13th step?
Nope. That would be NyQuil. Slapping a cop is the 14th. Pretty much a guarantee you'll be staying sober for a while.

Well since it's up again, I might as well update everyone. A few weeks back I was playing around with my Timmy and I hear my neighbor yelling. So I'm thinking she's pissy with me as usual. Well I come around the corner and see her sitting in her car. My other neighbors dog got loose and wanted to play. This is a 100+ lbs German Shepherd. So the dog has her paws on the car and she running in circles and putting her paws back on the car door. (the dogs owners have young kids and they run around their cars teasing and chasing the dog) So the dogs playing a game and my neighbor is scared crap-less. She's afraid of big dogs, come to find out. Well I go over and grab the dog and calm her down a bit. My neighbor gets out of the car and I calm her down a bit too. I convinced her to pet the dog and see that she really is just a big baby and she was playing. Well the dogs owner see me with the dog and comes out to get the dog. So we all start chatting. Me and my neighbor are getting along now. She's sober and sticking to her court ordered AA and is actually doing pretty well. She seems like a halfway nice person without the bottle. Just a little um...eccentric sometimes. I guess 20 years of drinking vodka will do that to ya'. So all is better in the ol' neighborhood.
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