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i got a cops story...last summer....13 kids and i set up a big tent in the middle of a public park which everybody is supposed to be out of by 8:00 we decided to sleep there...we had some stuff ...and anyways...we were off firecrackers and morters and boxes and crap like that...then someone called the they started friend threw a quarter stick out there when they got out of thier cars...the cops were cool about everything....they just took the rest of our fireworks...they didn't search good though...condiering i had 2 dozen quarter sticks and 1 dozen morters in my pillowcase...they made us go home..and they called our parents and crap like that im sure you all know the drill-so we carried the tent into my backyard and kept on doing what we have been doing....then about 3:00 in the morning the same 2 cops showed up again...this time for noise complaints and "fireering of automatic weapons"which was us having paintball wars in my backyard at 3 in the morning...we didn't get in any trouble really...just getting probation for possesion of illeagle fireworks-disturbing the peace-traspassing on land(the park)-and destruction of property(some houses and cars got hit-only a few )

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