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Business Name: Arkenstone Paintball

Location: Acworth, Georgia

Telephone Number: 770-974-2535


Registration Fee: $25/$20 (Sundays) if you need to rent equipment (M98, mask, hopper, paint tubes and paint...$12/10 (Sundays) with your own equipment

Rental Equiptment Fee: Camo - $1-$2....Impulse $40....upgraded tippman with nitro $30

Fill Stations: Co2 and HPA

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Economy (not BE): $17.50 per 500, $70 per case....Evil: $25 per 500, $90 per case

Styles of Play Available: 15 total fields (though some are out of commission because they are revamping them) 2 speedball fields, one castle, one western city field, rest woodsball

Comments/Conculsions: The biggest complaint I've heard from people is that they play the same fields week in and week out, but the reason of that is that the refs let the players choose which fields to play on. I've also talked to one of the head refs and he's in the process of building a few more "themed" fields (like the Castle and the Western City). During the winter there can be groups over 100 which they divide up into smaller groups. Most of the refs are very good, and all play paintball themselves. Great place for newbies and intermediate players to go to learn speedball (but speedball field lacks a bit for the more experienced players) and great place to play woodsball. Most of the people who play there are good sports with good attitudes, though you get a couple of bad seeds. The good players that play there are more skillfull and don't rely on spray and pray to eliminate players. This field also includes a field shop as well as a gun tech on almost every weekend.
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