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custom modifications FAQ

this should hopefully cut down on the unnecessary questions in this forum. if you wish to post a question, make sure it hasn't been asked already. also, please don't post about a specific marker. if you would like to answer a question, please quote the question and answer below.

Where can I get my marker anodized?
there are many places to have this done.,, and are some of them.
Should I paint my marker?
no. the paint will chip easily and is easily scratched. anodizing is the best choice as it will protect the aluminum. if you have a steel mag then you can't get it anodized. painting is your only option.
Are there custom modifications for (insert marker name here)?
first, ask in the marker specific forums or try to find an owner's group for the particular marker. if you haven't found anything, draw up a modification of your own and submit it here.
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