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Woods, My favorite

my tactic is stealth. Me and my buddy were playin a game of 8 on 2. We were so quiet and snuck up on 3 of em and shot all three. When the odds are against you just stick together until half of em are gone. We'll sit in a place where we can shoot them but they can't shoot us. In texas where i live we have alot of thorns and we can shoot out but they can't shoot in. Another thing is trees. Hide in them they're great! But if they find you ur screwed. trenches are great along with hills. I almost always hide in a tree opening when outnumbered. An awesome thing to do with a four man team is flanking. One man makes himself visible at the front and one man goes from the left one from the right and one from the rear. This tactic is great because the other team doesn't care how far they go up to get one guy but he never gets hit cause the other three get there in time.
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