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Re: Re: Re: positions

Originally posted by TheBackMan

On the 3 man I suggest changing it around 2 back 1 front. We usually use a 1 back 1 mid 1 front, but out mid is a glorified backman. He is usually 1 row infront fo the backman on the opposite sit of the field. 2 frontmen can work I'm not saying it is bad, I am just stating that having more players in the back and playing passive until you have a numerical advantage has its advantages.

Another thing, that is a great post man. Bravo, you said that we could add a few things so I think I will do so.

you said that a 5.4 is the smallest you should wear, well I disagree. Only in the case of 3 man however. I wear a 4.3 and play 3 man, it works for me. As you said never take your head out of the game. As a backman you have to cover your team. Remember posting on a player is a good thing. Forget about overkill. Just keep those balls in a steady stream on his bunker. If you do this he is less likely he will come out. I am saying that if he is about to hit one of your teammates. If you have no real shot and they aren't a threat don't post on them. If the person is in no position to attack your team or help his very much then don't forget about him, but don't post on him. Snap back and throw a few balls his way every few seconds to make sure he is still there, but attack the threats first and make sur you keep any other threats from becoming anything.Now you said walk to your bunker, on 3 man I don't walk if you do and your not hitting backcenter then you'll get a shot in the face. Shoot fast, but run/jog sideways, smaller target still get the rounds off.

Hope that helps.
Well really the harness thing is all in what fits your shoe. I meant to say that The Harness size is whatever you think you need, but usually a 5.4 is a good idea. My bro and i and a friend are in a tourny and my bro plays back and uses a 5.4 and he uses a lot of paint. But Like i said, its whatever you think you need.What you said also helped tho
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