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Originally posted by Impy4335
Business Name:First Strike Paintball

Location: Gainesville/Newberry Florida

Telephone Number: (352) 338-8408


Registration Fee: $5.00

Rental Equiptment Fee: $10 for semi, mask, and one co2 fill. $35
for semi, mask, all day co2, and 500 balls

Fill Stations: co2 and 3k and 4.5k nitro. CO2- 12oz or less...2.
13-24 oz...3. 25-32oz...4. NITRO-$1 per 1k psi.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: paint is RPS/PMI Premium Advantage.
100-$6. 500-$25. half case-$45. Full case-$80

Styles of Play Availablene (1) woods/speedball mix. one(1) big
(15 acres I think) field, wooded, used for big groups and big

Comments/Conculsions:I like this field more than Rocky Creek
paintball. Rocky Creek has horrible service, etc, but better
fields. I think that First Strike needs another concept field to
be better than Rocky Creek in the field area, but their
management is much nicer and knowledgable. I've only played
there once, but ALL of my friends thatplay believe that
RockyCreek's refs aren't as good, owner isn't as nice, and
overall everything is worse than First Strike's. Oh, that's what
I believe too.

Come visit, we have alot more field's then we did. We have close to 10 now.

"their management is much nicer and knowledgable."

Thank you, that means alot to us when people say that. We are here to make everyone happy while they are playing at our fields.

Come visit us, I am out there every weekend.

Just dont shoot the guys in yellow shirts
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