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A4Boy, did you take into consideration that the Egg holds more paint so it would obviously take a little longer for it empty?...

The ONLY reason I use evo's now over Halo's is because the Eye in the Halo, flat out sucks. Sometimes it reads paint, sometimes it doesn't... The eye in my old halo somehow manage to completely shatter ... If they made a Halo with a break beam eye (rather than reflective) or some type of other sensor, I think it would be a great loader and is undoubtedly faster than an Evo... But until Oddyssey addresses that issue and makes a more reliable eye/sensor, you can keep the Halo's....

Nice post Bourne ... Very good, fairly unbiased and informative comparison...

Go Ethan! ...

This should be Stickied because of the ridiculous amount of people that ask this question...
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