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Magnetic Trigger Mod

Allen Wrenches
Dental Pick
15 Second Epoxy
1/8 Inch Rare Earth Magnets

Hey, if anyone has not heard of the magnetic trigger modification for Angel LCDs and IR3's yet, here's the deal. I went down to radioshack and picked up 1/8" RARE EARTH MAGNETS (Make sure you get those, they are much stronger than regualr magnets) and some quick dry (15 second) epoxy. I went with four rare earth magnets, so my total cost for my entire shopping was 7 dollars, they come in packs of two.

Note: Check to make sure your trigger set screws are indeed magnetic, before you do this.

I went home, took off the grip frame to my Angel, removed the trigger from the frame, took out the board, grips, and unplugged the wires. Take a bit of the epoxy and use the brush tip to apply the epoxy inside of the grip frame, where the foreward limit screw touches. Take an allen wrench and put the magnet on the allen wrench and place it in the epoxy, *NOTE: The leaf switch of the microswitch will most likely be attracted to the magnet as you lower it into the epoxy, I used a Dental Pick to hold it back.and hold it there for about 15 seconds. Maybe a bit more so it dries well. Don't get hasty on this, because if you try and pull the allen wrench away from the magnet too soon, you'll need to epoxy it again.

Okay, so you have it in there nice, so it's time to reassemble everything. You will have to reset the forward limit screw to compensate for the magnet beign where it is, you'll most likely need to back out the screw. Don't forget to take out the spring, you won't be needing that anymore. Put the trigger pivot pin back in, and you'll be set to go.

You'll have a very snappy pull on the return now, thanks to the magnet being attracted to the forward setscrew making it easier to walk the trigger.
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