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haha thats a great story...yeah i dont really have to worry about cops considering i live in tha STICKS! (thats hillbilly country for all yall city folks who aint gots no idears) except for this one cop who hangs out by my house with his radar gun and bust people(people LOVE to go 80-100 in their subarus right by my house during all hours of the night)its hilarious to watch him bust these kids. but hes cool...we used to live across the street from him until we moved...and im sure glad we did move too...the field i used to play paintball in, well theyre putting a new apartment building smack dab in the middle of it. whos crazy freakin idea was that?!?!?! oh well...but yeah, my cop/ex-neighbor is cool with me playin paintball, he used to watch me when i played...haha his beagle attacked me and my buddies when we were playin once


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