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TES not recocking

I took my tes to the field for the first time today, lets say it wasn't good. First the velocity was too low (messing with the reg didn't help) and the guys there fixed it by replacing o rings. then i put in a spudnuk'l bolt and same old problem. ball shot but dropped off after about 3 feet. messed around with the regulator and it started to shoot but not recock. i switched back to the original bolt and everything seemed ok. In the game tho the bolt would work then not recock. i would have to recock it every five shots or so. I got it working again but this time it would shoot and the bolt would bounce really fast and not recock. it looked like a bolt when you are out of gas. I had a full 3k/68 tank tho. All i want is my gun to be able to shoot and recock on its own using a spudnuk'l bolt.

I'm running a completely stock tes with a spudnuk'l bolt and crossfire 68/3k tank.

any help would be appreciated. thanks
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