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I think bounekiller was alot harder the halo B than the eggy. I have eggy with Y board and halo B and i had to sand both the necks equally as much. My eggy never feed a constant 19 like they said it would. The battery door on the eggy sucks. With my halo i played with it for 4 weekends shooting roughly 3500 balls each weekend on the same 6 double As. And whats the big deal of the about the battery tray only going in one way. Bolts only go in the one way and you dont hear anyone complaining about them. And whats the big deal about have a small phillps screw driver in ur tool box to open the battery slot on the halo. In my opion the halo B is the best hopper out there. I like mine so much im going to order other one but in red with the rip drive. Ive heard of halos having a problem of double feeding but my halo has been my mini black magic, a orracle, and my eblade and it hasnt double feed on any of them.

My gun setup:
Another Picture
WGP 2k2 Limited Edition Black Magic Body w/ silver flames Serial #9/10
WGP Red Sto Ram
WGP Red Orr-acle Tickler
WGP Red Worr blade bolt
WGP 15 degree Asa
WGP Ergo Reg w/spacer
WGP Kanar Barrel kit Red
WGP Flame Drop
WGP Adjustable Worr Gas 70/4500

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