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Regarding 3A Products

We often times get threads asking about 3A barrels. Jaster and I will usually tell you to do a search to find out why they aren't aloud here than close the thread. Instead of making you search I'm making a thread to tell you the reason.

Andrew's (Our site Administrator) comments on 3A;

Originally posted by Andrew
They (3A) will not be represented by in any, way shape or form as long as I'm in control.

Employees from the company posted a significant number of positive reviews on their products (without identifying themselves as employees). When I brought it up to them, they denied it, even though I had solid proof that they had. If they had been honest about it I would have let it go.
I am in agreement with Andrew and will carry out his wishes. Any threads created on the topic of 3A will be closed without notice.

I would also like to recommend to you to rethink purchasing a barrel from 3A. I believe it would be much more wiser to buy from a reputable company such as Custom Products, Dye, J&J, Smart Parts, JT, Lapco, PMI, Stiffi, and other fine, reputable companies.

This thread will be added to the Ultimate sticky. If someone makes a thread about 3A you can link them to this thread and report the thread so I or Jaster can close it down.

Thank you for your time.

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