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first of all, great thread. next i'd like to tell ya a good strategy that my team uses:

Well we play 5 man mostly, and we usually have one front, 2 mids, and 2 backs. Well off the break, we have the front run like hell, the 2 backs shooting the 2 main lanes, and the 2 mids running to their bunkers while shooting. All you mid players out there should really practice as much as you possibly can to run and shoot (accurately) at the same time. After the mids get to their bunkers, they post up on the corners and the backs then run to their bunkers and start their usual routine.

other than that, i think its necessary that the backs learn to shoot with 1 hand while filling with the other. This gives you a BIG advantage because you can stay posted up on the other team. However, if you do this, I suggest a 6+5 plus 2 pods in your pockets, and 2 in your off hand (for a 5 man). Also another good idea is to have the mids drop off paint in bunkers at around the 25 for the backs to pick up late in the game (just in case).

but if your not above novice level, you shouldnt have to worry about bringin that much paint. They could probably do it with a 5+4 or a 6+5 with no extras.
ouch i bunkered you...
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