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I've deleted some of my older posts to unclutter this thread a bit, so here is a summary of what was said in most of them:
PLEASE PLEASE POST here if you feel this is a good/helpful thread, otherwise, it will be lost in the midst of all the posts here in the M3/Pi forum. Unless this gets stickied or otherwise made known of, then it will continualy lower on the forum and eventually disapear. To end the constant reposting of common quesitons about the Dragun Empire TES, a summerization thread has to be made, and I hoped this would be it. I will keep deleting my old posts and adding new updates to the info, but it would be useless unless people read it!

I have also UPDATED some of the info and added a new FAQ about air leaks from the front block. Please read over it and if it helps you out - post about it here!
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