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let me fillter out some of that bull .
yes the halo needs 6 AA batteries, but its battery life is roughly 2x that of the egg, done on a shot by shot basis from several stores and there are Nimh batteries that have a 1.5-1.9v output. The egg with z-board tops out at 25, halo z-code, 27 bps some have clocked 30 bps.
the battery cover and battery fitting set up for as little motion as possible while in play, that little screw is so common that u can get a $0.15 at a Grocery store!
There r 2 sensors the eye which is flat so that it works if there is direct sun light unlike the egg, and also a crush sensor (z-code) so i can feel the force of a stuck ball if that ever happens.
Doubling feeding is only a problem with cheap detents, if u use a good gun its never been a prob.
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