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Thanks. It's obvious you know what you're talking about.

Since you cited all your sources.... told me how you found out about this "shot by shot battery test life counter" test.

And told me how you "clocked" the HALO-B at 30bps...

And... since when has the EvoII been bothered by sunlight? Not the last time I checked, with a clear or black shell.

Cheap detents? Well, now that HALO-Bs have been out for, what, a year or so...? All the new guns have (or are supposed to have) real strong detents, so that you can use a HALO-B with them. However, it's ridiculous that they are designing a gun around the hopper, and all the guns made previous to the HALO-B have to have special detents purchased for them (most of them, anyway).

And I like how you addressed all the other issues, like the HALO-B's pickiness with batteries, random problems, inability to "see" black paint, etc...

Oh, when you get around to it, could you tell me where to get those 1.5-1.9V NiMHs? I would really like to know, cause I was honestly bummed out when my NiMHs wouldn't work. (No sarcasm, I serious, I actually want to know)

(Still no sarcasm) Now, you did bring up a point with the battery pack that I didn't think of. Being designed for as little movement as possible. Valid point, but I still think it's an annoying hassle that might have been able to be circumvented by a different design.

Anyway (sorry, now there is a little bit of sarcasm), thanks for sorting through the "bull" for me, since I obviously don't know what I'm talking about.
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