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I have been fortunate enough to be able to try out a Halo B and an egg2 recently. All I can say is that they are both good hoppers. I think that the feed rate claimed doesn't matter since each load quick enough for most people. I mean how many times do you see someone shotting 20bps in a game, it might just be me but they don't shoot all to quick, and both the halo and the egg2 feed fast enough. They both have flaws, but lets get serious, if you complain about the weight of a halo, or any hopper for that matter, just use a vl 200 or a revvy. I don't really think either one is better, even if the halo is 110, your are getting stronger shells and maybe a better quality item, but if you like the egg more then get it. It really seems to be personal prefrence and not which one is better, because they both have their goods/bads and what is so great, if you have one of em, and you don't like it, there will always be someone who wants to trade the other one for it, so you can't loose imo.
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