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Im not saying a marker is marker. Im saying that the evo 2 and halo b are both pretty much equal when you think about. They both have their ups and downs the halo cost alittle more but it feeds faster and is more consistant. Where the evo is less expensive and holds more paint. The halo looks alot better and has a much better profile. The Eggy has better battery access. So what im getting at is that they are equally as good. And its pointless for there to be thread after thread of people fighting about which one is better. And I personally think the people that get so upset over it and start flaming other people over their opinion on which hopper they perfer is stupid.

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WGP 2k2 Limited Edition Black Magic Body w/ silver flames Serial #9/10
WGP Red Sto Ram
WGP Red Orr-acle Tickler
WGP Red Worr blade bolt
WGP 15 degree Asa
WGP Ergo Reg w/spacer
WGP Kanar Barrel kit Red
WGP Flame Drop
WGP Adjustable Worr Gas 70/4500
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